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I AM the wicked wick and damn proud of it

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Greetings all, I'm a new member here at hades little pithole so I will introduce myself and tell you people here why I'm so devilishly wicked.

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Reason numero uno: I enjoy all the dark, morbid aspects of life in full detail whether in a poem ,angst book or just plain reality I indulge in it.

Reason numero dos: I had a witty sense of humor some find cruel and sarcastic at their expense.

Reason numero tres: I have a beatifully deviant personality in most aspects such as I tend to speak my mind out in truth full and uncensored. I have my own open mind which some people find offense but guess what , I find you offensive if you find me offensive. Whether in religious ideals, reality, lifestyles, I could care less if a person disagrees with me in my rights so ha!

reason numero quatro: I have some signs to being a dominatrix. I'm kinky and find leather whips and bondage hot. Black leathers are sexy. *wink,wink*

reason numero cinco:I love to mock men who think there "all that" especially pimp daddys who think women are just another number in there little black book.
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