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Lets hop on our Broomsticks, girls!

and defy gravity we will...

Wicked Girls
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Hello there my pretties!
This community is for those who have something to bitch about. Are you a Wicked little child? Well if you're in the community you are!
Tell us why! Why are you Wicked and what pisses you off?
Like magic? This is the comm for you!
Make mistakes and are a hazard to yourself and everyone around you? You are welcome here, my dear!
Say anything! Get what you're thinking off your mind!
Anger is better released then hardbored, and your secrets are safe with us.
Are you a naughty girl and have bad thoughts and feelings? Perfect!
Be Wicked, and don't be ashamed.
-Curse as much as you like.
-Hex people and damn others, you're a God in this community, my sweet!
-Be honest
-Be Wicked!
-No smallmindedness aloud!
-Do not promote in this community!
-Do not spell check other's entries, they come here to relax and tell their story, not to be berated and corrected. This isn't an English class, and it really pisses me off when people do this so breaking this rule will get you banned

-Make sure you put "I want to be just like the Wicked Witch" as your entry title line so that I know you've read the rules. You only need to do this your first time posting.

*Consiter this your one and only warning, you're entries will be deleted if you don't follow the rules! Break the rules as many times as you like, I won't ban you, I'll just delete your entries again and again. Okay, okay, around the 10th time of your fuck up, I'll ban you! The rules are soooo easy though!*